In Britain, there is no Thanksgiving Day holiday, such as in the United States.  Instead, there are harvest festivals and celebrations.  Image result for simple english cornucopia

Until the 1950’s, turkey was a luxury in the UK.   Miss Marple’s character was set in the immediate post-WWII England, so I can say with confidence that whatever harvest festival was celebrated in her village of Saint Mary Mead, did not include a turkey.

Miss Marple was never married,  but she did have nephews who adored her and no doubt invited her to spend holidays with them but since a Harvest festival was not the equivalent of the US Thanksgiving holiday,  she might have had a special little dinner in her own home, perhaps with a widowed friend.

Partridge would definitely be on the menu, roasted with parsnip and carrot and flavoured with sage and bacon.  Any partridge left uneaten would be made into a game pie to be eaten the next day.

Image result for roast partridge

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