A Little Fish Dish

Image result for atlantic salmon fillet with rice dinnerI am sure that Miss Marple would secretly give me a little nod and twinkle in her eyes about the title, but she would never laugh out loud, I’m sure.

Cooking small meals does not come natural to me, and I am gradually learning to do so.  Miss Marple would have had tasty little meals simply prepared and most likely very fresh- perhaps marketing in her village frequently (for sales and freshness, I am sure.)

Our dinner tonight on this stormy grey day is a filet of Atlantic salmon (a nice rosy hue), brown rice with sauteed onion, and sweet butternut squash.  A cup of tea with honey and a biscuit (cookie to Americans) by the heater with a good book is how I plan to spend my evening.

Image result for tea and biscuits

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