A Hat for Miss Marple

I have mentioned before that I love all of the Agatha Christie’s Marple episodes as well as the Masterpiece Theater (PBS) adaptations starring Joan Hickson.  Did you know that Agatha Christie met Joan Hickson and said she would love to have her play Miss Marple?

That leads me to my point today.  I need to find a winter hat to wear of the style worn by the Joan Hickson Miss Marple.  I researched film stills and discovered that she always wore the same type of hat- sometimes a different color or material- but always a “bucket hat”.

I had a wool cloche that I loved in my early adult years, and all of this talk about hats makes me (and my husband- who liked that hat!) nostalgic.  I am going to look for a blue felted wool hat.Image result for miss marple hats

3 thoughts on “A Hat for Miss Marple

  1. It was usually a sensible black or gray. But didn’t she wear a straw hat in the garden or in summer?


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