Crackenthorpe’s Fancies

In What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw, Jane Marple is involved in solving the mystery of a witnessed murder on a train in which the body was not immediately discovered.

Our sleuth determined that the murder occurred in a location where the train crossed a large estate owned by the Crackenthorpes and deduced that the body should be found there.

The Crackenthorpes made their fortunes in biscuits, relishes, and pickles.

Pickles on a bread and butter sandwich or on a cheese sandwich is a popular sandwich in America and England.

I will try a pickle and cheese sandwich for lunch today made with my homemade pickles.

Crackenthorpes Fancy Pickles

2 thoughts on “Crackenthorpe’s Fancies

  1. Your label of Crackenthorpe’s Fancy Pickles gave me a chuckle. You could market that! I get a breath of fresh air when you post your little anecdotes of your world with Miss Marple.



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