St. Joseph’s Day

I love celebrating special days.   A recent festival day I had the pleasure of celebrating along with my daughter and husband was St. Joseph’s Day, March 19.   A local  friend and his family host what is called St. Joseph’s table and we were graciously invited for the past two years.

Since it is held during Lent, no meat is served, but there is plenty of fish!  Typical festival foods include fish, meatless entrees topped with breadcrumbs (remembering that St. Joseph was a carpenter), fava beans, artichokes, lemons, breads topped with sesame seeds,  and filled pastries.

Wearing red is traditional, and an alter to honour St. Joseph is displayed.  As we left the home, we received St. Joseph holy cards, and a dried fava bean that has been blessed.  What a fun and special day- and right after St. Patrick’s day!

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