I am thoroughly enjoying my fountain pen with royal blue ink.  It makes writing letters and cards a little more special.

I am attempting to write a few letters, notes, and cards each week as a way to re-connect with a part of life that has gone “high-tech.”  Not that high-tech is bad, but it leaves a “sterile” feel- and life is certainly not impersonal or sterile!

When I was a child, my mother would occasionally let me and my second sister buy a stationery set with color-coordinated papers and envelopes and stickers in a box.  How I miss that and could use it now.


One thought on “Letters

  1. I still have some of those stationary boxes with stickers and paper etc. I love them! I will get my boxes of “junk” out and show you this spring. You’ll be sure to remember them. Back then it was so exciting to get new stationary and the box and stickers were a bonus! I loved getting letters and note cards in the mail and still do. Unfortunately- no one writes to me except you. I’ll have to get my lovelies out and write to you. You know I love that stuff! ♥


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