Heavenly Hydrangeas

I do so love hydrangeas- especially the blue flowered ones.  I have recently returned from a visit to the State of Washington, USA where I encountered the best specimens I have ever beheld!

The blossoms on these magnificent specimens were similar in size to a dinner plate and wonderfully blue.   If the soil in the garden is an acid Ph, the pink blooms will be changed to blue.  Adding a product called Miracid to  lime-rich soil can help  achieve this coloration.

I returned with a renewed determination to get my hydrangea blooming (I believe it is poorly placed on an unprotected north exposure and the wood does not survive each winter).   Hydrangeas bloom on second year wood- hence, mine doesn’t bloom, or rarely has a poor show.   I have to research if moving my plant is an option, and if so, when.

IMG_1950                                        Lake Quinault Lodge, Quinault WA


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