Tomato Season

Where I am from, in Ohio, tomato and sweet corn season is upon us.  My family and relatives had large gardens when I was young, and some still do.  I have good memories of growing cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet corn, and runner beans.

I was surprised by volunteer tomato plants growing in my compost pile earlier this summer.  Four good looking plants, but in a little more shade than tomatoes tend to like.  I am carefully watching and watering them.  I staked them today with some good size branches that came down recently in my rear garden.

Until they flower I will not know if they are viable, so in the meantime, I will enjoy a large tomato that my father gave to me with my dinner.  Hubby will grill pork chops rubbed with his special mixture of spices that we call BUCKEYE BILL’S BBQ RIB RUB!!

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