A Lovely Lawn

I have made a resolution to better care for my lawn this year.  A good place to start that most people can do is to pick up rubbish that has been blown into the yard and perhaps hidden by snow for a season.  For the sake of my back, I use a reaching tool to pick up stray bits and a light trash bin.

After trash is removed, then I see to the sticks and broken tree limbs from the Winter’s wrath, as well as walnuts the squirrels have missed (no one needs a turned ankle while mowing).

The lawn is ready for mowing in a few weeks- we have been using electric mowers for years and two advantages are that they are quiet and do not pollute the air (I personally hate the smell of gasoline engines).

Our choice for lawn fertilizer is Scott’s, and we have completed the first application already.  The second stage is due in early May, I believe.  We have had plenty of rain recently and things are greening up nicely.

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