Finally Flowers!

It has been such a long winter- I am so happy to see Spring flowers in my garden and in other’s gardens!  In my own flower beds I have crocuses, forget me nots, and vinca.  Very soon daffodils and tulips will be blooming.  Also the first dandelions are up!

Magnolia trees are beautiful this time of year, as are lilacs and forsythia.  Cherry, apple and pear blossoms are a bit later.   Leaflets are budding out on many trees in the area.

The lawns are greening up with our copious Spring rain  and soon the sounds of lawn mowers will be heard.  We have applied our first Spring fertilizer and I would like to visit a plant nursery to buy some pansies for pots near my front door and on back patio.

Here is some Vinca for you!


2 thoughts on “Finally Flowers!

  1. Hello, and what state are you in, as I dream of the day that I don’t see snow on the ground, just the flowers in all of my flower beds and my Rhubarb. Thank you for sharing the pictures, sounds like we have the same flowers and plants in our yards. Look forward to seeing more flower pictures, then I can dream about whats to come soon.


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