St. Patrick

Many people who are Irish or Irish for a day claim St. Patrick as their favorite saint.  The wearing o the green is celebrated and Irish traditional foods are eaten on his day.

In honor of the day, I laid my table with a green plaid  (yes, the Irish also have plaids) and my small collection of Beeleek Irish porcelain inherited from my grandmother-in-law.

Beginning in the wee hours, I cooked corned beef with cabbage, potatoes and carrots, a pork roast with mashed potatoes, brown sugared carrots, cabbage fried with ham, and baked two loaves of Irish soda bread with real butter from Ireland.

We finished the evening listening to Irish fiddle played by my daughter- she played Swallowtail Jig, which is my favorite song that she plays.  Of course we also listened to Danny Boy and wiped away a tear.


One thought on “St. Patrick

  1. I love the thought of this cozy day/evening! Imagine when you have not one, but TWO fireplaces to sit by and sew or read… I’m so excited for our projects this year and know they will add to all of our lives- especially Dad’s. ♥


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