Elderberry bushes and trees bloom in the spring with loads of white flowers and then loads of berries resembling small blueberries.   The flowers or berries are cooked and made into beverages, jams, pies, cordials, wine, and tonics.

The Elder tree has a history steeped in mysticism- sleeping under an elder tree will impart dreams of faerie, and an Elder tree is said to be inhabited by a dryad or wood spirit.  It is not a good idea to burn an Elder, or cut it without permission.  Apparently one is to circle the tree thrice and beg the tree- “Give me of thy wood and I will give thee of mine, when I become a tree.”

Today I tasted an elderberry flower lemonade.  If this taste of elderberry is as good as it gets, I think I’ll pass….it tasted like medicine.


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