Time For the Woolens To Be Packed Away

Is it time to pack away the winter clothes?  I’m speaking of the “deep winter” clothes- snow boots, puffy down coats, mittens and muffs (does anyone wear these anymore?).  According to my local weather forecasts, Spring, in all its watery goodness is here.

Now is the season for rain gear!  Rain slickers and wellies, umbrellas, and tornado drills- ours started last Wednesday.

If you put off Spring gardening tasks for a “perfect day,”  you are likely to be waiting til May.  Put on some waterproof shoes and a raincoat and tramp about your garden and see what can be done today-  I have lots of weeding and cleanup that I should be doing, as well as snooping around the ground looking for  spring bulbs that have sprouted and walking Miss Maddie (to spy on the Magnolia’s progress a few houses over).


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