Writing Letters

I am resolving to write more “old fashioned” letters- using paper, fountain pen, envelopes, stamps, etc.  I love it in movies and books when a person must read or write their letters.  They are always so excited when a letter comes by post or by special messenger (think Pride and Prejudice.)  There also seems to be such ceremony in writing letters in those days.   Pray do not disturb the Missus, she is attending to her correspondence.

I have a nostalgia for stationery and fountain pens, blotters and blotting papers and I would like to start actually using them. This morning I primed my fountain pen, rummaged around for real writing paper and envelopes and wrote a quick letter to my sister about how much I enjoyed the family party yesterday.  Of course, the mail doesn’t run on Sunday, and my postal service visits around three o’clock in the afternoon on weekdays.

I will have to exercise patience in this, as well as waiting for my ink to dry!


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