Miss Maddie (No This Is Not a Typo)

I think that Miss Marple would have liked my dog, Miss Maddie.  She is small and tidy and does not do destructive things when she is bored.  She pads along with me from room to room as I do the daily tidy, and when I sit down, she sits right down with me and curls up for a nap (she naps a lot).

As I am typing this now, she is curled up behind me (I am short, and don’t take up the whole chair) keeping the small of my back warm.  Surely you are tired of my complaining about the cold!

My Maddie was my mother’s dog before she passed away, and I love having her living with me and my family.  When it is a bit warmer, she will enjoy a walk with me and search diligently for signs of Spring.

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