Miss Marple and The Hat

I did receive the wool cloche that I ordered before Christmas.  I made several discoveries after wearing it for the first few times.   The first discovery was how important the size of the hat is.  In everyday America, I think I can safely say that the baseball cap is the “National Hat.”  It is usually size adjustable, washable, and easy to store.

Felted wool hats are usually not size adjustable, although my particular one is.  They must be ordered by head size, which require the use of a sizing chart.  Wool hats are not washable- they must be tidied with a dry brush and must be air dried thoroughly if gotten wet.  It is also designed to maintain a particular shape- not crumpled or stuffed into a coat pocket.   Yes- this hat is a lot of trouble !

What to do with the hat when not wearing it is another dilemma.  One choice is to wear it all the time- in the shops, at a restaurant, at a piano recital, etc.  But wool hats are hot when worn indoors.  If I take it off- where do I place it?  My only choice for said restaurant and recital was to keep it on my lap the whole time.  Most places no longer have coat/hat checks as in the past.

When arriving home, the hat must be stored somewhere where it will not get dusty (or covered with cat fur), not be crushed, and in a dry place.  So now I must decide on a hat box, a hat brush, acid free  tissue paper to help it dry and keep its shape, and possibly a hat pin or two!

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