Fifteenth Night

I am running late already this year!  Twelfth night was Friday night, the “twelfth day of Christmas”, when the greens are taken down (traditionally burned in a bonfire).

I have not started taking down Christmas and am not in a particular hurry to do so.  This Christmas was very special to my family and myself because exactly 1 year ago I was diagnosed with Leukemia and spent a month in the hospital- Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, etc.   Having my house full of the regalia of Christmas will forever remind me of that time and how my family went above and beyond to bring happiness  to me in the scariest ward of a hospital.

So don’t mind me if I enjoy my Fifteenth Night or even longer!  I will, of course, make a cake and bake a bean in it- whoever gets the piece with the bean will be the “King or Queen of the Bean,” and will be boss for the day!


One thought on “Fifteenth Night

  1. I want to be QUEEN of the BEAN for a day! Of course I always try to be “the boss” anyhow. I’ve been the BOSS since I was born. Mom said I bossed you around even when I was a baby and could get you to bring things to me in my crib. 🙂


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