The Daily Newspaper

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Currently, I am reading Nemesis, a story in which Miss Marple starts her day reading  her two morning papers with her breakfast.  She pays special attention to the marriages, births, and deaths that are announced. My husband reminds me of Miss Marple, as he always reads aloud the obituaries to check if we knew so and so.

We subscribe only to the Sunday paper and check the daily news online in our home.  Even the local “fish wrapper”- as my husband calls the weekly market paper is online- but of course one cannot wrap fish in a digital newspaper.

One must admit the experience of reading a real newspaper is different than reading the digital version.  No crackling and rustling sounds as pages are turned and paper folded and refolded,  no crossword to be filled in with a pencil, no sales papers spilling out on the floor, no hands blackened with the ink, no handy papers to crumple when starting a fire or packing a box,  no grabbing of a newspaper for a makeshift umbrella in a pinch…  I sound as old and nostalgic as Miss Marple herself.

One thought on “The Daily Newspaper

  1. Just one more “nicety” in life snuffed out by technology- the looming monster that takes away all of the nostalgic happy things… and yet I use it too, but just enough to make my life MORE not LESS! 🙂


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