Christmas Traditions

Today I wondered what kind of Christmas cards Miss Marple would have chosen to send to her friends and family.

Perhaps she would have liked this vintage card- steeped in English Christmastime tradition and a charming portrayal of the stirring of the Christmas Pudding on the last Saturday before Advent.

In England, a pudding is not like the American custard dessert.  Christmas Pudding is closely related to a fruitcake. It is famously described in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

One thought on “Christmas Traditions

  1. Very few still send actual cards anymore- I’m always sad at how few come to me in the mail. I get a few photo cards (sadly with no personalized message), and a few cards from “old timers”, but I get less and less each year…. I still take time to pick out ones that I feel represent me, my family or at least my style. I like to think that just by seeing the card the recipient will know it is from me without even reading my personalized message inside. ♥


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