Seed Cake

Whilst reading Miss Marple stories, I have often noted a tea time snack referred to as seed cake- check out Bertram’s Hotel or The Mirror Crack’d to see some of these references.

My investigation into the matter led me to discover that the “seed” in seed cake is caraway seed. In my area of the country, rye bread is frequently flavored with caraway- and I do like rye bread!

I made a recipe of seed cake today to have with my coffee for elevenses, and it was both easy to make and very tasty- not sweet, but flavourful and buttery tasting. The recipe instructed to let cool in pan- I assure you that this did not happen!

5 thoughts on “Seed Cake

  1. Arch! I thought you were going to reveal to the world a genuine seed cake recipe. But there’s no recipe! I’m crying.


  2. Aw… that was kind of you! I’m happy now. BTW, my original comment should have said “Argh” not “Arch”. I don’t know what “arch” would mean in that context. =)


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