Scottish Breakfast

This Sunday morning I made a nice Scottish breakfast- smoked herring, curry scrambled eggs and scones. I love smoked herring, and my local British shop- Wise Choice British Foods, Gifts, and Candies supplies them from Aberdeen, Scotland. I buy them frozen and they are packaged to be cooked in the packet in boiling water (complete with a pat of butter).

The scones were homemade and easy- served with softened butter, or an almond glaze I quickly stirred up, or sifted powdered sugar (or a combination of all three if one is feeling decadent).

Served with a strong cup of Yorkshire Gold tea (sweetened and with milk), I soon felt ready to face this misty rainy day.

2 thoughts on “Scottish Breakfast

  1. Is Joan Hickson your favorite actress that portrays Miss Marple? I noticed you used her photo 🙂 That is my favorite production of Marple. Which is your favorite book? I reread my Agatha Christie books more than all of my other books put together.


    1. yes Joan Hickson is my favorite Miss Marple- I also read more Agatha Christie than any other author . There is a rumor that a new Miss Marple series is being planned with Penelope Wilton from Downton Abbey as the new Miss Marple!


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