A Nice Cup of Tea

This week I paid a visit to my local British shop and made several interesting purchases. I bought three smoked kippers, a packet of Yorkshire Gold loose tea, some Battenberg cakes, orange marmalade, and chocolate digestive biscuits.

I find that Yorkshire Gold tea is one of my favorites- I prefer a strong tea that doesn’t taste weak after adding sugar and milk. My second and third favorite teas are Irish Breakfast and Scottish Breakfast.

Brewing tea in a proper tea pot is a little pleasure of mine. My grandmother-in-law gifted me a tea pot from Blarney Castle years ago that I like using. I have a few nice tea strainers I use as well as a whistling kettle!

2 thoughts on “A Nice Cup of Tea

  1. Thank you for your comments regarding your visit to Wise Choice British Foods, Gifts & Candies here in Huber Heights, Ohio. Much appreciated. Of course Miss Marple’s herself would have truly enjoyed a visit to this store known as ” Your British Store in the Heart of America. ” where our logo is ” Walk in a Stranger, Walk Out a Friend. ”
    On a personal note. Have you had any further thoughts on the discussion we had and my request to get with me ASAP with your thoughts.

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    1. I always look forward to talking with you both as much as I like browsing your inventory- tea sets, tea cozies, British tea (loose and bags), marmalades, British candies (not so sweet as American, I think- and I like it better), souvenirs, and your large refrigerated and freezer sections with herring, bangers (sausages), authentic cheeses, and did I imagine it, a haggis?


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