Too Much Life

In Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, the ghost of Christmas Present scolded Scrooge for complaining about “the surplus population,” and compares his attitude to insects complaining that there was too much life to share with  their hungry brethren.

Overnight, it seems, that life goes from blossom to boom in my garden.  I complained when I felt that Spring would not arise from the cold- bitten tundra and now I complain that there is “too much life in the garden”!!  I am referring to the grasses that grow, weeds that vie with  the plantings, and  trees whose branches, leaves, seeds and fruits are sometimes inconvenient.

When I start to complain about the abundance of greeny life in my patch of the world, I need to remember those cold days.  My weeds and grass clippings, branches and dead heads will be gathered and returned to the Earth and more life will be in the making!!

One thought on “Too Much Life

  1. Hello. What beautiful words. I too know “The too much”. Seems in my little tundra I wish my Little veggie garden could have been spared from the flood. because of all the rain and water, It seems the ferns have grown to taller then me, the flower beds in which I can’t keep up with. Kind of looks like this picture of yours. Its nice to know I am not alone in deadheading.


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