Kippers and Eggs

A nice Sunday breakfast was enjoyed this morning by hubby, daughter, and myself.  It is the only day of the week that most of us are able to eat breakfast together, and actually eat the same thing (daughter is a vegetarian who eats fish and eggs).  Today, I cooked scrambled eggs, kippers (a smoked fish), toast with homemade strawberry jam that I made yesterday, and coffee.

With bacon being so expensive now days, I rarely cook it.  Smoked fish is a good substitute for bacon- it is smoky and salty (not crunchy, however).  In my area of the USA, kippers are usually canned like anchovies and sardines- although they can be shipped or purchased at British shops frozen.  I found that the frozen ones- thawed and gently heated in butter tasted the best.

This morning I plan to do some minor housework and then some yard work.  Our little spell of lovely weather is over and it is still 40F, but that is no excuse for a little weeding and tidying in the garden.  The spring flowers are coming up- crocuses are already blooming, tulips and daffodils are up, my hostas and day lilies survived the winter as well as those dratted wild onions that need tended to!

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