Save My Hat!

Today hubby and I took Miss Maddie for a springtime walk- we both were fooled by the partly sunny skies this morning.  We took about two steps outdoors, then turned around to get the winter coats out.  Poor Maddie was very confused.

We set out again, ensconced in winter togs and my felt hat.  The wind was windy and I had to adjust the hat band (thank goodness mine is adjustable) to have it sit lower on my brow.   In doing this, it made it possible for my coat collar to bump the hat brim.  Every step I took bumped the hat back and the collar bumped it forward the next step.

I was getting quite  annoyed, and thought that a hat pin might have been a good idea!

Lot of 5 Vintage Hat Pins Long Stick Pearls Pearl Ends Victorian Edwardian Gold

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