Cabin Fever

How did Miss Marple cope with being snowed in occasionally?  She probably had better coping skills than most of us modern set.

She was an accomplished knitter and never had idle hands.  She wrote and received letters- something that was a bit of a ceremony- before BIC pens and e-mail.  Think fountain pens and scented paper in a box bound with ribbon.

She did have a telephone and possibly a radio-no texting, internet or TV.  She had books to read and birds to watch, photographs to remember by.

She was active in her village church, so perhaps she had projects she could do from home- my own mother in law presses the alter cloths for our Episcopal Church.

Today I find myself coming down with “cabin fever”- a little writing helps, a large number of hungry birds to watch, packing up Christmas, and perhaps a little drawing in the children’s book I am attempting to write and illustrate!


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