My Indoor Garden

About a month ago, while finishing the final chores of the last garden season, I wondered if I could grow a little windowsill garden over the winter.

I saved the root end of a stalk of celery and sat it in a jar with just a little water in the base and within weeks, I had little white roots at the bottom and baby sized celery leaves sprouting from the top!  It has now graduated to its third jar!  (I’m so proud).

Around that same time, I collected the seeds of a bell pepper and tried to sprout them on top of the refrigerator, but it was too hot and they dried and shriveled.

I have an avacado pit suspended over a clear jar of water with little toothpicks, hoping that some roots will appear- so far it is  just a cracked seed.

My latest adventure started today!  I received an Amaryllis bulb and forcing vase for Christmas.   Since an Amaryllis is native to South Africa, and my window sills seem native to Siberia, I have ordered a window sill heating mat.

Image result for amaryllis bulbs

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