Mincemeat Pie

The name of this pie may be off-putting, but if it is called “Christmas Pie” – well that makes a big difference!   In medieval times, it was common to cook meat, fruits, and spices together.  Nowadays, we like our meat for dinner and our fruit and spices afterward.

This pie is truly a taste of the past.  Large “coffin” pies and castle shaped pies were common in those times- pies are now smaller, and mincemeat pies are commonly made in small individual pie tins.

I have had an authentic mincemeat pie once, included in its ingredients were beef and suet.  My husband and I were guests at a church Christmas party, and the pie was “forced” upon us by a zealous mincemeat prophet- I could not believe how tasty it was!  So please do not scoff-  try a bite of Christmas pie for old times’ sake.

Image result for mincemeat pie

One thought on “Mincemeat Pie

  1. The WORD “mincemeat” makes me feel queasy! I’m so glad you are brave and try new and interesting tastes from all over the world. I’ll just stick to my American “boring” diet. Dad sure does love trying new things too! As long as it isn’t “SCRAPPLE”!! Although even THAT has given him lots of laughs and fun! ♥

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