Tea and Biscuits

For the last few months, I have made it my habit to enjoy tea and biscuits (cookies, to Americans) at bedtime.  Lately, with all of the cookies I have been baking for Christmas, it has been hard to make a choice.

Date Nut Meringues were tonight’s treat.  The recipe is from my husband’s grandmother.  At some point in the past, I compiled her famous Christmas cookie recipes into a little booklet and distributed it to family and close friends.

I cannot imagine the work involved in making just one treat in days long past.  The date nut meringues required whipping egg whites to a stiff peak- easy enough with my mixer, but hard to do by hand.  Pitting and chopping dried dates, cracking, picking, and chopping English walnuts- I know first hand that this is hard work.

When I tasted my cookie this evening, I remembered the hard work that went into it and it made me feel a pleasant nostalgia for all things old fashioned and homemade.

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