Proper Gardening Clothes

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Every time I attempt a little gardening without wearing  proper gardening clothes, I regret it.  Gardening in casual shoes sounds easy enough, until you step in mud!  The clean up is quite labour intensive.  A pair of easy-on wellies that can be easily hosed down or  cleaned in a utility sink would be a better choice.

Gardening without gloves is another time waster- thorns, dirt under nails, broken nails, skin injuries, etc.  Obtain plenty of gardening gloves and a nice pair of rose gloves (gauntlet style) and you will be able to tend your garden in comfort and without dirtying your hands.  I wash my garden gloves after each use and have a nice basket of them, as well as a pair of secateurs inside the front door.  It encourages me to get out and trim a little each day.

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