Ginger Biscuits

One of the classic British tea time treats is a Ginger Biscuit.  In America we call them Ginger Snaps- they are very hard, and therefore perfect for dunking but I cannot picture Miss Marple doing so.

Perhaps another English treat, Maids of Honour would be more appropriate- a delicate biscuit with jam, cream, and sherry baked in.

Maids of Honour: a British bake fit for Henry VIII


I personally love Shortbread.  Anyone who loves butter would love these melt in your mouth buttery wedges.  Once, as a girl I was making recipes for cookies that I had not made before and that did not have an accompanying picture.  When I followed the directions, I was left with what looked like an unbaked pastry crust and wondered what I had made.  I cut the “Pastry” into wedges per directions and baked it – I still remember how good it tasted.  It was not fancy like sugar cookies, but it was so tender and buttery.  What a memory!

Image result for traditional English shortbread


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