What Would Miss Marple Do?

Since starting this modest blog, I have found myself frequently thinking “What would Miss Marple do?”

After the rose pruning activities of yesterday, I ran inside to get warm and treat my thorny injuries and soak my hands in warm water.   That led to peeling potatoes and making  soup, and before I knew it, it was dark outside.

Stepping outside today, I surveyed rose clippings all about, and tut-tutted to myself “what would Miss Marple say?”   I was ashamed of myself.  Jane Marple would have tidied up after herself and brushed down the doorstep before she would dreamed of going back inside.

Needless to say I could not just leave the entrance to my home ashambles  and I did tidy up the discarded canes.  Tomorrow I just may polish my brass post box.  I am sure Miss Marple would have done.


Image result for brass post box

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